International online channels committed to greater range and more volume

Vendiro facilitates a complete integration with (inter)national open marketplaces such as Amazon,, Pixmania and many others for large Dutch e-retailers. We unburden you both with the optimal range of articles on offer and with the processing of your orders as well with regard to returns handling and financial coordination with the marketplace. This means that you achieve more sales through optimal pricing and by acquiring and holding onto preferred positions in the buy box. In addition, you realise considerable savings on your advertising and translation costs. Read more about the Vendiro solution.

The Marketplaces

  • Achieve more sales within the current range
  • International sales without translation costs and without your own local website
  • Immediate start with existing platforms with local infrastructure and range
  • 30% of European e-commerce volume comes from the marketplaces

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The Solution

  • Seamless integration of your products, stock and orders
  • Handle on purchasing and range through real-time reporting and analyses
  • Automatic price optimisation, for both growth in revenue and increased margins
  • Automatic returns handling and financial settlement of marketplaces

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The Channels

  • From Amazon, Pixmania and Rakuten – all European marketplaces available
  • Local major players such as Cdiscount, Meinpaket, LaRedoute and
  • Our experience means we can help you with the important details for each marketplace to get off to a good start
  • Currently 40 channels in 9 countries

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